Georg Philipp Telemann: The Concerti-En-Suite

Tempesta di Mare
Chandos, 2018

Johann Gottlieb Janitsch: Rediscoveries from the Sara Levy Collection

Tempesta di Mare
Chandos, 2017

Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Hesperus, 2017
Douglas Fairbanks' swashbuckling 1920 masterpiece is
Hesperus' musical triumph! Two hours of derring-do on DVD with an exciting, authentic score of English Renaissance music from the court of Henry VIII.
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The Topping Tooters of the Town: Music of the London Waits 1580-1650

The City Musick
Avie Records, 2017
“Why these are the city waits, who play every winter’s night through the streets to rouse each lazy drone to family duty. These are the topping tooters of the town, and have gowns, silver chains, and salaries, for playing “Lilliburlero" to my Lord Mayor’s horse through the city." This 1709 reference to a professional band of musicians conjures the thriving city of London in the 16th and 17th centuries. The band’s sound is replicated on this release by the modern-day namesake The City Musick directed by foremost expert in the field William Lyons (who is also director of the Grammy-nominated Dufay Collective). The drones of dulcians and cornetts, sackbuts and shawms, evoke the era’s civic events, theatrical productions and liturgal service, paying homage to the unsung talents of the Waits from the period when their reputation was at its zenith.

Back Before Bach: Musical Journeys

Navona Records, 2017

Piffaro and Friends: A 30th Anniversary Celebration

Piffaro Recordings, 2015
Piffaro celebrates 30 years of delighting audiences with a retrospective spanning its three decades of performances.

Nameless: Works by Matthew Greenbaum

With Cygnus Ensemble, the Momenta String Quartet, violinist Miranda Cuckson, and sopranos Re'ut Ben-Ze'ev, Elizabeth Farnum, Julie Bishop, and Priscilla Herreid.
New Focus Recordings, 2015

Haydn, The Creation

Handel and Haydn Society
CORO Records, 2015
Haydn's powerful oratorio, premiered in the US by Handel + Haydn in 1819, is led by Artistic Director Harry Christophers. Recorded live in Symphony Hall, May 2015.
"Harry Christophers captures the full expressive range of Haydn’s The Creation in this luminous and profound version of the popular oratorio with the 200-year-old Handel and Haydn Society of America. The orchestral playing is lithe and exciting, the choral singing crisp and wholesome." - The Scotsman, 2015

Vivaldi: The Complete Viola D'Amore Concertos

Rachel Barton Pine with Ars Antigua
Cedille Records, 2015


Meyer Media LLC, 2014

Soli Deo Gloria - Cantatas of Johann Rosenmüller

Zefiro Recordings, 2014

Drive the Cold Winter Away

George Blood Audio, 2013

The Mark of Zorro

Hesperus, 2012
Douglas Fairbanks' 1920 silent film accompanied by a lively and unconventional score of early Spanish and Native American Colonial music sung in Spanish, Quechua and Chilidugu and played on baroque guitar, vihuela, viola da gamba, early fiddle, recorder, shawm, dulcian and krumhorn.

Los Ministriles in the New World

Navona Records, 2012

Johann Sebastian Bach - Complete Motets

Trinity Wall Street
Musica Omnia, 2011

Waytes: English Music for a Renaissance Band

Navona Records, 2010
Filled with late 16th century England’s musical riches – dances, solo masquing tunes, madrigals and motets. Featured composers include William Byrd and Thomas Weelkes.

Vespers (Kile Smith)

Piffaro and The Crossing
Navona Records, 2008

Recordari: The Art of the Renaissance Recorder

Piffaro Recordings, 2007
Featuring mellow recorder consorts from soprano to contrabass, accompanied on occasion by lute and harp, this is a compilation disk from Piffaro’s Dorian recordings, including some newly recorded pieces as well.